• South Campus Development Aerial View
  • Southern Campus Development Artists Impression
  • Southern Campus Development Artists Impression
  • Southern Campus Development Artists Impression
  • Southern Campus Development Landscape Master Plan

The Proposal

Winchester College is proposing to modernise its facilities on its southern campus. This area is the focus for our indoor sports provision and includes a PE Centre, swimming pool, rifle range and squash courts. The Design and Technology department (Mill) sits between the sports complex and Kingsgate Road. Although many of the current buildings are of substantial size, they are largely hidden from surrounding public roads and the wider landscape.

Key changes

  • Sports Centre
    Our initial proposal is to replace the existing building with three separate but smaller linked buildings. These will comprise a swimming pool, sports hall and fitness suite, rather than a single large building housing everything under one roof.
  • Design and Technology Refurbishment and Extension
    Other potential locations for the Design & Technology Department have been explored and rejected, and so our intention is to retain and refurbish the original workshop and extend it to the west to provide modem facilities.
  • Sanatorium Relocation
    A more central location is proposed to the rear of 44 – 48 Kingsgate Road, close to the primary pedestrian routes into the site whilst maintaining a sense of quiet seclusion overlooking Kingsgate Park. It is considered that a two-storey building of domestic scale providing eight bedrooms and consulting rooms will meet the School’s needs.
  • Support Services Relocation
    The reorganisation of the site to provide space for the new Sports Centre and Design & Technology building will require the relocation of support services to nearer the proposed Norman Road entrance. This would reduce the distance delivery vehicles need to travel within the site. This relocation also gives the School the opportunity to amalgamate a number of support departments into a single, compact facility.
  • Access
    A new primary vehicle access route is proposed from Norman Road, facilitating vehicle access and parking to the south, and creating a safer environment for pedestrians in the northern area. The existing level of parking in the area is to be maintained. The northern Kingsgate Road entrance would become pedestrian only (except for emergency and maintenance vehicles). This proposal will reduce traffic travelling along Kingsgate Road in order to use the existing narrow entrances.
  • Residential
    It is proposed to maintain the residential character of Kingsgate Road with a new dwelling at each of the two former vehicle entrances to the site. Antrim House on St. Cross Road, currently in use as the sanatorium, would be returned to residential use with up to six units.