• Why does the school need to do this?
    Since the PE Centre was built in the late 60s the number of boys in the school has increased significantly. Sport has become more important in the life of the school. The current facilities are aged, inefficient and inadequate in scope to meet the current demands. In addition, both the Design & Technology facility and our medical provision also require upgrading to meet modern standards.
  • Will this all be built at the same time?
    The primary objective is to provide the new Sports Centre. Clearance of the proposed site will also require the creation of new support facilities at the same time, to replace those lost in the process. The redevelopment of the Sanatorium and Design & Technology building will follow on sometime later.
  • When do you hope to start building?
    The start date will depend upon first obtaining planning permission. If all goes smoothly the earliest start would probably be late summer 2017, with work on building the Sports Centre starting Summer 2018.
  • How long will it take?
    Work on the Sports Centre would take about two years in all, with certain parts accelerated for an earlier completion.
  • What will happen to sport at Winchester College during this period?
    Temporary facilities will be created to provide as much sport for pupils on the campus as possible. This will be supplemented by arranging use of off-campus facilities.
  • Will sports facilities be available to members of the Wykeham Sports Club during the build?
    Given the complexity of managing sporting activities for school pupils during the reconstruction, it is highly unlikely that those facilities can be satisfactorily extended to outside members. The Wykeham Sports Club will be relaunched once the new Sports Centre is complete, and existing members invited to re-join.
  • Will special provision be made to support Club membership?
    Wykeham Sports Club members will be able to enjoy the enhanced facilities provided by the redevelopment. There will be a larger sports hall with more cardio-vascular equipment and weights, more squash and fives courts, and a multifunctional dance studio.
  • Is the parking area going to be floodlit?
    There will be amenity lighting, but the area is not intended to be floodlit.
  • Will the work be noisy and dusty?
    Inevitably there will be some disturance during the construction, but the contractors engaged will be expected to work closely with all neighbours and other stakeholders to minimse the impact of their work.
  • How will the contractor access the site?
    The contractor’s primary access will be off Norman Road, but some access off Kingsgate St via the existing PE Centre and Works Dept accesses is also likely.
  • Will traffic be made worse on Norman Road as a result of the project?
    With  Norman Road the main access point there will inevitably be an increase in traffic, but not appreciably so relative to the overall current traffic levels. With the amount of parking spaces on site similar to those currently provided, we do not anticipate that, once completed, the overall traffic movements to the site will be significantly different.
  • The buildings come very close to some neighbouring properties, can this be avoided?
    Our architects continue to work hard to minimise the impact of the new buildings on the immediate neighbours. We hope that siting of the Support Departments, which will largely be active only during normal working hours, will shelter properties to the west from the traffic movement in the car park. Boundary treatments to the east will be designed with similar objectives in mind.
  • Has there been any consulation with the planners?
    Yes. Initial informal discussions have been encouraging and the subsequent Pre-App submission has provided helpful guidance for the development of the designs. We are encouraged that our aspirations broadly conform with current policies.
  • Cannot the school share in the city council’s sports centre development?
    The pupils are all boarders and in addition to having ready access to facilities for recreational use, the school day cannot afford the time for boys to travel off site for PE and swimming lessons. Furthermore, there are not sufficient facilities in Winchester to meet the current demands of the school.
  • Will local traffic routes be affected during the construction phase?
    We do not expect any significant disruption to traffic routes, although there may be some short-term road closures to enable new utility services to be brought onto the site.
  • Will the street parking bays be affected by the construction phase?
    The parking bays that lie in front of the new entrance on Norman Road would be lost. The others will be unaffected.
  • Wouldn’t it be possible to build new sports facilities nearer the edge of campus/on a field site, rather than increasing the density here and thereby avoiding impact on nearby residential areas?
    Our Campus Conservation & Development Plan, which was published in 2010 and can be viewed on the school’s website, identified this site as the least constrained and most suitable for significant redevelopment. Other sites in the school’s ownership are very much more heavily constrained by statutory designations.
  • When the new PE Centre opens, will there be more access for local residents / organisations / other schools?
    It is anticipated that the public, through Club memembership, external organisations and other schools will be able to use the facilities.
  • Is the design  ‘environmentally friendly’?
    The redevelopment will take account of flood risk and other environmental factors both in its design and its construction.It will in any case be required to achieve a high BREEAM rating to comply with local planning policy.